Innovation investments Strand 1-GREEN

Turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities is the ambition of the green transition. The European Green Deal has the goal to make Europe a resource-efficient and competitive economy. In this framework, the EU sets its targets to reach climate-neutrality by 2050, therefore this will require substantial investments. I3 intends to support innovative value chain investments, to boost the economy through green technology and to create sustainable industry/transport. It also intends to provide support to interregional investments in sustainable food systems, sustainable agriculture, clean and efficient energy, sustainable industry, building and renovating, sustainable mobility, eliminating pollution and climate action.

The present call for proposals under this topic encourages applications in one or more or a combination of the following investment areas (a non-exclusive list):

  • Innovative investments in decarbonisation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to improve air quality, health and wellbeing;
  • Innovative investments in SMART cities;
  • Innovative business investments related to smart, sustainable/efficient transport solutions and/or alternative fuels;
  • Investments in climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials;
  • Investments in the management of natural resources, including the use of recycled materials, especially construction materials, plastics,and textiles, to stimulate demand for secondary markets raw materials;
  • Business investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency to make industry more sustainable;
  • Business investments related to energy efficiency in buildings;
  • Business investments related to a sustainable blue economy, contributing to the coastal protection;
  • Business investments in circular economy to replicate and scale up successful circular economy solutions, which can generate EU added value;
  • Investments in bioeconomy, efficient and sustainable agriculture and forestry, innovation in marine/ maritime and inland water sustainable solutions.

Short-term expected impact:  

  • Deployment of innovative solutions compared to existing technologies/solutions;
  • Uptake of technologically/economically reliable and viable solutions on the market.


  • Creating new market opportunities for EU companies;
  • Reinforcing the capacity of regions to invest, joining forces around shared S3 investment priorities (interregional investments);
  • Innovation diffusion.


  • Reinforcing/reshaping EU value chains whilst increasing EU competitiveness in global markets;
  • Unlocking the innovation potential of EU regions/countries;
  • Contributing to the European Green Deal objectives;
  • Positive impact on environment, health, climate, social and economy;
  • Economic growth and job creation.
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