EIC Transition 2022 (HORIZON-EIC-2022-TRANSITION-01)

EIC Transition aims at maturing both your technology and business idea thus increasing its technology and market readiness. The expected outcomes of an EIC Transition project are a) a technology that is demonstrated to be effective for its intended application and b) a business model, its initial validation and a business plan for its development to market. It is also expected that the intellectual property generated by the EIC Transition project is formally protected in an adequate way.

Proposals submitted to this Challenge call should focus on the following specific objectives:

  • further develop energy technologies, including renewable fuels enabling the decarbonisation of energy sector and;
  • facilitate the selection of different and appropriate applications and use cases, and integration of these sustainable technologies into existing and new energy systems and devices, both at component, process or at infrastructure level.

EIC Transition funds innovation activities that go beyond the experimental proof of principle in laboratory. It supports both the maturation and validation of a novel technology from the lab to the relevant application environments (by making use of prototyping, formulation, models, user testing or other validation tests) as well as explorations and development of a sustainable business case and business model towards commercialisation.

This EIC Transition Challenge aims at maturing the proposed energy technology through its integration in a fully functioning energy system and the emerging of the ecosystem actors and value chain needed for the market uptake of the technology.

Mercredi, 28 September, 2022 - 17:00
Geographical Coverage: European
The available budget is 131 360 126 euro.
Sector of Activity:
Ocean renewable energy
Research & innovation