2024 Call for Projects in the Mediterranean Islands

BeMed is dedicated to achieving significant milestones through its support for projects undertaken by or in close coordination with local stakeholders committed to combating plastic pollution on Mediterranean islands. The overarching objectives of these endeavors include:

By intervening early in the process, BeMed aims to reduce plastic pollution at its source and curb its detrimental effects on marine ecosystems through field initiatives.

Efforts will be directed towards implementing solutions that are both environmentally sound and economically feasible, ensuring their sustainability and enduring impact.

Through in-depth analysis and engagement, BeMed seeks to enhance understanding of the local dynamics surrounding plastic pollution. This includes identifying major pollution sources, assessing public awareness levels, evaluating waste management infrastructure and regulations, and pinpointing key challenges and obstacles to effective solution implementation.

Partnerships will be forged and the capacity of local stakeholders strengthened, with a specific focus on bolstering the BeMed-Islands Community. Collaboration will be instrumental in achieving lasting progress.

Building on existing successful initiatives, BeMed aims to reinforce and replicate effective actions already underway across the Mediterranean region. This approach leverages proven strategies to maximize impact and drive meaningful change.


Mercredi, 10 July, 2024 - 12:00
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