Encuentra Oportunidades de Financiación

  • This is a FORTHCOMING Call for Grants/Blended Financing. The planned opening date is 26 March 2020 but the call has not been opened yet.

    Geographical Coverage: European
    Sector of Activity:
  • Su finalidad es el apoyo de proyectos empresariales que impliquen la incorporación y adaptación de tecnologías novedosas a nivel sectorial, y que supongan una ventaja competitiva para la empresa.
    Geographical Coverage: National
    Final Beneficiaries: Companies, regardless of size. Minimum fundable budget: €175,000. Amount of funding: up to 75% of eligible budget (funds CDTI) and can reach 85% if you are co-funded with FEDER funds.
    Sector of Activity:
    Research & innovation